Our mission is to deliver exceptional, professional videos to all our clients.

Every business has a story to tell. Film Vancouver Production Services specializes in finding it. A full service production company, we serve professional, small to mid-sized enterprise throughout the Lower Mainland with premium video production and video marketing. Online video is growing faster than any other online tool, doubling since 2013 and outperforming social media and radio by nearly 2:1. For businesses looking to reach their audience online, video is essential, and Film Vancouver offers some of the best. What’s your story?

We produce high quality video profiles tailored to your business.

Communicate Clearly & Quickly

Video is flexible, useful everywhere and reaches your customers faster than traditional ads, including radio and print. Film Vancouver coaches your team and prepares you to present the best possible version of your business in a natural, appealing way.


Polished HD Video

Brilliant visuals, broadcast quality sound and creative composition draw viewers in.

Capture Attention

The foundation of any video is a professional production that reflects the quality of your business.

Informative Stories

A strong hook and the promise of helpful information holds viewers captive longer.

Show Your Passion

Real staff, customers and professional actors are tools to help you show off what you do best.

Effective Marketing

Ensure your customer sees your video with optimization and targeted marketing.

Customer Conversions

Video views translate into clicks to your website, with a trackable increase in new customers.
Higher click through rate for video over other other post types on Facebook in 2015.
Year over year increase in time adults spend watching video and video ads online.
Percentage of internet traffic Cisco anticipates will be exclusively video content by 2018.
Andrew de Villiers
Andrew de VilliersOwner & Producer

Andrew has 15 years experience in film production, has a Canadian Comedy Award and several feature films in development, including a retelling of the legendary Davy Crockett. He has produced dozens of corporate videos and has a background in writing, producing and directing. He is also a skilled editor and has several years experience working in online marketing.

After spending years creating corporate videos as a hobby or for other marketing firms, Andrew decided the time was finally right to go into business with Film Vancouver Production Services. Utilizing years of experience, education at three film schools and relationships with some of the industry’s top technicians and artists, he hopes to create quality films for businesses and further his creative projects with the resources of Film Vancouver.

Introducing Our Experienced Collaborators

Collaborators are experienced professionals with experience working on all types of projects from documentary to feature films, music videos and commercials. Collaborators have all worked with Film Vancouver Production Services in the past and are hired on on a case by case basis depending on your project needs.

Shawn Seifert
Shawn SeifertCinematographer & Producer
The world of lights, shadow and colour is where Shawn feels most at home. From behind the camera he works to create unique compositions that help to tell the story. He has shot many feature films, shorts, music videos and corporate videos, seen around the world both in festivals and on TV.
D’Arcy Hamilton
D’Arcy HamiltonCinematographer & DOP
D’Arcy has been shooting professionally since 2008. His work has taken him around the globe to the UK, Indonesia and Colombia. Excellent technical, organizational, and customer service skills have earned D’Arcy a reputation of excellence as he creates documentaries for small businesses and nonprofits.
Jayme Cowley
Jayme CowleyCinematographer & Photographer
Jayme has worked extensively in Vancouver on short films, documentaries, commercials and photo shoots. Jayme’s expertise in lighting and camera enables him to produce effective results in visual storytelling. He is also the co-founder and cinematographer at Parafauna Film and Digital Media.
Bren Macdonald
Bren MacdonaldPhotographer & Videographer
Bren has worked on over fifty films and has extensive videography & photography experience. After a decade long love affair with film, Bren discovered photography and has since opened a photography studio for rent. He can be found creating beautiful and unusual imagery for artists and businesses.
Lucas Green
Lucas GreenAnimator & VFX Artist
Lucas has nearly a decade of experience working for clients around the world on everything from short films, print, commercials and television work to feature films. He is currently a designer at Knowledge Network Television and BBC Kids Canada, and the brand illustrator for the BC Lung Association.
Dillon Bochon
Dillon BochonAudio Technician
Working throughout Vancouver on documentaries, feature films, and in television, Dillon has a versatile portfolio and is comfortable among crews of all sizes. He believes being adaptable and flexible is the key to being a great operator and can bring out the right equipment to fit most productions.

We serve clients from in Greater Vancouver & around the world!*

*Additional travel and lodging costs for production outside the British Columbia Council of Film Unions (BCCFU) Studio Zone.

We strive for excellence and creativity with every video we make.

Technical skill and the right tools are important, but it is a creative eye and an understanding of both story and marketing that make us stand out.

We Are Marketers

Describing your brand can be tricky, especially if you’re not comfortable on camera. Interpreting multiple voices into a quick, information dense video is what we do best…

Case Study:
123 Dentist

We Are Artists

Beautiful presentation on any budget is important. Finding the correct look and feel to match any message is everything. The look and feel of every video is unique to you…

Case Study:
Tahere Falahati

We Are Storytellers

Saying what you want is easy, but saying it in a meaningful way that connects with an audience, or how you say it, is the story. It’s information disguised as entertainment…

Case Study:
Open Box Int.

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