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About Andrew de Villiers

Andrew has 15 years experience in film production, has a Canadian Comedy Award and several feature films in development, including a retelling of the legendary Davy Crockett. He has produced dozens of corporate videos and has a background in writing, producing and directing. He is also a skilled editor and has several years experience working in online marketing. After spending years creating corporate videos as a hobby or for other marketing firms, Andrew decided the time was finally right to go into business with Film Vancouver Production Services. Utilizing years of experience, education at three film schools and relationships with some of the industry’s top technicians and artists, he hopes to create quality films for businesses and further his creative projects with the resources of Film Vancouver.
Looking forward to working with new clients, producers and friends!

Film Vancouver’s 2018 Year In Review

Next year is already pretty busy for the first quarter, and my resolution is to focus more on videos for green and social issues I support, as well as a renewed focus on more scripted and cinematic material.

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