1912, 2016

How Rogue One Realizes George Lucas’ Vision For Star Wars

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Though I am a filmmaker and have made a point to stop writing too many reviews for films, I used to write reviews professionally and continue to post reviews for select films on social media from time to time. This review is for the latest Star Wars film. I can't remember enjoying a movie while [...]

212, 2016

Where Commercial Meets Creative Video

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Now that Film Vancouver Production Services has launched and the website is live, I get a lot of questions and eyebrow raises over the tone of the site. For most of my fans, friends, creative partners and clients, I am known for creative and cinematic video production that pushes [...]

2101, 2016

Welcome to Film Vancouver, Live!

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Film Vancouver is a different kind of video production service, offering businesses affordable, high quality professional video production with a cinematic edge. Film Vancouver Production Services offers full development, execution and distribution of video. Because after you've made a great video, you want your audience to be able find it. If [...]