Project Description

Aspen Clean Natural Products (2017)


In 2017, Aspen Clean became Andrew de Villiers’ first client under the Film Vancouver Production Services banner. The goal for the production was to create a short web ad showcasing products and services, with a focus on online orders. Separate ads with unique footage would need to be filmed in a single filming day, and a theatre actress new to Vancouver at the time was hired to appear as a customer. The budget was remarkably low, around $3000. Partly due to a new customer discount and partly as the very first customer, Aspen Clean needed great value, and got it.

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This video, and several variations of it, were launched in early 2017 in time for spring cleaning. They were most widely watched on Facebook, and utilized at trade shows. The video was popular with Aspen Clean fans, who recognized the owner’s dog Dusty and made new fans of the cast and crew. In total, four videos, a short and long cut for products and the cleaning service were created. The service videos were created for the expanding business in Toronto and Calgary.


  • Andrew de Villers
  • D’Arcy Hamilton
  • Aspen Clean