Project Description

Chalkboard Prison


In 2018, Kirt Purdy hired Andrew de Villiers to help him write, produce and direct a pilot sizzle for his unique and timely comedy, Chalkboard Prison. Over almost 6 months of development, Andrew worked with Kirt on the script, hired a crew and helped Kirt cast to achieve his vision. Finally, in July 2018, the project went to camera over just two days, compressing a full pilot’s worth of material into less than half the normal shoot time. Maintaining a high level of quality required a great camera team, lead by Shawn Seifert. The production cost less than $25,000 including discounts as a low budget indie and creative project.

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Chalkboard Prison is being actively developed by creator Kirt Purdy, with a pilot and bible written. Producers in Alberta, Kirt’s home province, are interested, and the future is very bright for this little sitcom. Video material, including a trailer and longer pilot demo are helping make the case for the comedy, setting and abilities of the key team members. Wish us luck!


  • Andrew de Villers
  • Kirt Purdy
  • Shawn Seifert
  • Bren MacDonald