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Ten Reasons You Need Online Video Now

Let’s recap some of the top reasons why professional video marketing is worthwhile to your business, no matter your industry or size. For more information, visit our WHY VIDEO? Page to learn about video by the numbers and book a consultation to learn more.

Increase Sales
& New Customers

Online Video makes you money by connecting you with new customers and explaining what you do better and more quickly than any other marketing.

Save Money
& Be Efficient

Online Video saves you money over traditional ads on radio, television or in print. With video campaigns, you’re able to track results in real time, adjust on the fly and take the guesswork out of advertising.

Save Your
Customers Time

Online Video saves you and your staff time by assisting in customer education. Video lets you explain complex ideas in a short time, and also saves your customer research time.

Stand Out
In Your Industry

Online Video helps your business become recognized and stand out. Video makes you more visible on search engines, social media and even in the real world.

Build Trust &
Peace Of Mind

Online Video provides your customers peace of mind, by showcasing what you have to offer, like testimonials, a tour of your location, and introducing staff.

Simplicity & Convenience

Online Video from Film Vancouver is convenient, because planning, scheduling, production, optimization and marketing are included in every video package.

More Marketing Flexibility

Online Video is extremely flexible. It can be utilized offline in many other businesses, on television, on your website, social media and video packages are flexible, custom made for your needs, to tell YOUR story.

Reliable & Professional Service

Online Video from Film Vancouver is reliable and satisfying, with broadcast level, high definition audio and video guaranteed. Videos are produced with the highest standards of care, with clear communication and professional service every time.

Increase Your Online Status

Online Videos are a status symbol, helping you stand out from the competition and show your business in the best light possible. Businesses with video take pride in showcasing it across multiple platforms.

Improve Your Business Health

Online Video creates a healthy image for your business, inside and out. Video eases stress, improves sales, reduces costs, offers peace of mind and strengthens your brand. Customers take notice, and a healthy business utilizes video to stand out.

Tell Your Story.
Reach Your Audience.

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Package Pricing

Our goal is to combine commercial video for business with video marketing and online optimization for the best results. That’s why almost all of our packages include video and basic marketing and are custom-built to fit your needs and budget. Always consider adding extra marketing spend to a video.

All videos packages include time for planning, filming, editing and marketing your video. Packages budgets are determined by the number of videos you need, the amount of time for filming and editing, as well as the marketing budget and any optional extras you might need.


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Sample Video For Business Package

A single day of filming with a two man crew. Multiple HD cameras, professional lights & sound, and a documentary style mixture of staff and customer interviews with real footage of your business and location. Plus, a simple but effective marketing boost to get started.


  • 1x Day of Production
  • 2x Days of Editing
  • 1x Set of Optional Revisions
  • 1x Stock Music Track
  • 1x Set of Subtitles
  • 1x Animated Logo
  • 1x Custom Copy with 500 Words
  • 3x Custom Thumbnails
  • 3x Stock Location Photos
  • 1x Facebook Optimization
  • 1x YouTube Optimization
  • 1x Google+ Optimization
  • 1x Basic Video Marketing Boost
  • 1x Two Minute Final Video
  • 1x Thirty Second Ad Length Video
  • 1x Location Tour Video

Sample Price: $3000.00 plus GST*

Optional Extras

Optional extras include custom animation, translation services, drone videography, special equipment or multiple camera operators to cover a live event. Almost every production we do features a two-person team on location. A contracted videographer, hired based on your needs and budget, and a video producer to oversee the project and lias with staff.

Optional Extras:

  • Language Translations
  • Customized Animations
  • Multiple Video Versions
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Additional Videographers
  • Aerial Location Video
  • Specialized Equipment
  • Teleprompter Service

Film Vancouver offers several pre-built package which can offer great value, depending on your needs and budget. Packages vary in price and features, but a business looking for professional commercial video and video marketing should anticipate between $2000-$5000. Remember, that money is proven to go a lot farther than other marketing.

*Pricing depends on your specific package as well as other factors. Pricing is for this estimate only and can change without notice.
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Online video is exploding in popularity, and is proven more effective than traditional ads online, in print or on radio.

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