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Video for business requires expertise. Your message must reflect the same standards for professionalism, quality and reliability as your service. Corporate video can be difficult, because there are so many different paths, each one with its own challenges and rewards. That’s why asking the right questions, and creating a custom video suitable to your needs is so crucial.

With Film Vancouver Production Services, Corporate and Commercial Video is personal. Our approach is based entirely on your needs, budget, industry and unique challenges. To make sure we get all of the right information, we listen to your story, study your industry and tour your business to find out what makes you special. We utilize what makes your business stand out to make your video stand out. It sounds simple, because it is.

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No matter how big your online presence, how good your business video or how interesting your product, without the right marketing strategy it won’t do any good. There is too much competition from too many competing businesses. To filter out all that noise, and stand above the competition, you need online optimization and sound marketing strategies.

Film Vancouver Production Services builds marketing into almost every video package because it is essential to connect with the RIGHT audience. The strategy is different depending on your industry, who you are trying to connect with and how large your marketing budget is. With video you can engage in personal and small campaigns or large, far reaching ones. What works for you won’t necessarily work for someone else, which is why we tailor the marketing to you.

As a video production company with a marketing background, we prioritize marketing, and we care as much about the visibility of your video as the quality of it. Your video needs to be visible everywhere to make an impact.

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  • YouTube Channel Optimization
  • Facebook Page Optimization
  • Video Keyword Tagging (SEO)
  • Video Description Copy (SEO)
  • Customized Thumbnail Design
  • Video Subtitles & Captioning
  • Facebook Promoted Postings
  • YouTube Video Advertisements
  • Remote Digital Signage

Consultations & Marketing For You

Every consultation begins with a strategy to fit a client’s unique needs. We try to ensure a portion of any video production budget goes toward making that video visible once it’s complete. From paid reach to pays per clicks and impressions that increase your brand awareness, B2C & B2B businesses can reach more customers and communicate more efficiently with video.

Working With Your Marketing Agency

Film Vancouver often partners with marketing agencies to produce high quality videos that interacts well with a client’s existing marketing strategy. Video fits into any ongoing campaign, replacing or enhancing existing materials on Google or Facebook, and often outlives a campaign. Talk to us about collaborating with your marketing agency to create even more effective advertising.

Making a short film, independent feature film, tv movie or viral video with a cinematic edge?

Film Vancouver knows how to produce high quality, story driven content that connects with audiences and entertains. Under the name United Visions Entertainment, Film Vancouver continues to develop commercial entertainment, including a new TV Movie titled ‘Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite’, a TV series re-imagining Davy Crockett and an untitled independent feature film, entering production soon. No matter your needs, Film Vancouver and United Visions offer expertise and experience to bring scripted, high quality and ambitious content to the screen, even on a micro-budget. Collaborate with us today!

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Cinematic Storytelling On A Budget

Film Vancouver specializes in visuals that are compelling and dramatic, with storytelling to match. In such a competitive marketplace, Film Vancouver stands out, creating memorable imagery and stories to inspire the imagination. All of this is done on a fraction of the budget of larger productions with modern equipment and plenty of talent.

Branded Entertainment

Standing out and capturing an audience’s attention with video often boils down to having something everyone else doesn’t. A star, a big idea, amazing visuals or most importantly, a brand. Film Vancouver has successfully reinvigorated several dormant brands with concept trailers like The Legend of Davy Crockett, currently in development for television.

Are you a band, musician, studio or label wanting to showcase your audio with beautiful visuals?

Film Vancouver Production Services provides several versatile, creative and ambitious music video packages for artists and producers. From live concert recordings cut together from multiple cameras to premium quality, studio level music videos, Film Vancouver and United Visions Entertainment is ready to help, with payment plans to make video accessible for indie-bands.

Pair with Film Vancouver and United Visions Entertainment, our creative arm, to write grant applications. Plan your video from concept and theme to marketing and release, take command of your image with stunning video.

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Tahere Falahati Music Videos

Film Vancouver is interested in creating new music videos for local and international musicians. Music Video packages for independent artists are extremely competitive and often consist of multiple videos created in a single shoot. At the same time, videos are cinematic in scope, designed to fit the musician’s brand, and are carefully completed to the highest standards.

Tahere Falahati Concerts

Live events require professionals with experience to make fast decisions and come prepared. Film Vancouver works with expert videographers using the best DSLR cameras with audio and visual contingencies to insure success. Even in the unlikely scenario of operator error or technical malfunctions, backup recorders make certain every moment is captured.

Commercial and creative clients who need video for marketing purposes almost always want still photography along with it. Film Vancouver Production Services offers product, business and creative photographs for any scale and occasion. Photographs for red carpet events, fundraisers and galas, magazine covers, product shots for your website and staff headshots are just a few of the options available. Note that photography is subcontracted to one of our partners.

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Know what you need and just need someone you trust to get the work done? We’re available!

Àla carte services are available at an hourly rate and can be customized to your needs. For businesses or individuals who want to capture an event with a videographer and then decide to edit it later on, or for artists who need assistance with scripting or producing their projects, Film Vancouver Production Services is here to help. Looking for help with something not listed below? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to offer you a quote, or refer you to a qualified, experienced contractor in your price range.

Film Vancouver Production Services hopes to assist you with every aspect of your video production and online marketing needs. From simple editing to teaching or speaking engagements, we can help you solve any video related problem.

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  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Story Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Script Writing
  • Consultations
  • Video Directing
  • Moving Slideshows
  • Custom Animations
  • Live Event Coverage
  • Online Optimization
  • Teaching/Classes

What Kind Of Video
Is Commercial?

Your business video can be made in any number of formats, or a combination of formats. Here are some samples of video types that can be combined to tell your story.

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Documentary Business Profiles

Straightforward, affordable and beautiful video captures your location, staff and services in the best light, combined with music, testimonials and tightly edited interviews.

Hosted Business Walkthroughs

Fine tune a script and read it yourself or hire a professional pitch-man/woman to introduce your business, its services and best features to the public. Quick, professional and affordable.

Video Testimonials

Collect video testimonials of clients and post them online. Capture as many positive messages as a day of filming allows, then mix staff & location footage for truly convincing results.

Animated Infographic Presentations

Perfect for communicating important information in a quick, creative way. Attention grabbing, clever and fast moving, the only limit in animation is your budget.

Educational Product Showcases

Showcase a particular product or service with beautifully captured video, expert explanations and key statistics overlaid with music and custom animations.

Scripted Infotainment Sketches

Educate through entertaining and humorous sketches designed to hold audience attention. Videos feature professional comedic actors and TV quality production value.

Commercial & Indie Video Equipment Rentals *

EPK/Indie Lighting Kit

3 Point Keeno Interview Kit (with Tungsten and Daylight bulbs), 25 ft. A/C, 50 ft. A/C, 2x C-Stands, 2x Manfrotto Light Stands, 2x Adjustable Grip Arms, Flag Kit, Various Gels, Pins, 6x Sandbags & Dolly.

EPK/Indie Audio Kit

Case, H6 Zoom Recorder, 4GB Memory Card, 10 ft. XLR Cable, 25 ft. XLR Cable, Wired Boom Pole with Shockmount, Sennheiser Shotgun Microphone & Tram Wired Lav Microphone and batteries.

4K Mirrorless Camera Kit

Includes: Panasonic G7x Lumix, manual, 32GB Memory Card, Battery, A/C, 25mm Prime Lens, 50mm Kit Lens, Sachtler Fluid Head DSLR Tripod & Camera Bag.

iPad Teleprompter Kit

Includes: iPad Teleprompter Mount, New iPad with iKan Elite Teleprompter Software, Remote Control, Apple Keyboard & Tripod Mount with case. FRAGILE MIRROR.

$150.00 per day
$450.00 per week

$75.00 per day
$225.00 per week

$125.00 per day
$375.00 per week

$100.00 per day
$300.00 per week

* Gear Delivery Available For Extra Charge. Weekend rates available upon request. Rental insurance is required. Visit Front Row Insurance for affordable production insurance today. Overdue rentals may result in an extra charge. Refunds & deposits by Cash or E-Transfer only. Kits are only rented together. Individual rentals on lights only.

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