Now that Film Vancouver Production Services has launched and the website is live, I get a lot of questions and eyebrow raises over the tone of the site.

For most of my fans, friends, creative partners and clients, I am known for creative and cinematic video production that pushes the boundaries of what low budget filmmaking can and should be. Then I have a whole other life as a commercial/corporate video creator known for creating crisp, effective video marketing. Depending on the year, I’ve supported myself with either commercial or creative video, depending on who approached me for what. Now for the first time I am presenting myself, and my business with a brand.

So who IS the target audience for someone like me, who is making both commercial video and creative video?

Should I be pushing the projects that are larger, more fun and often creative, or the commercial video projects that often pay the bills in between creative gigs? While I prefer larger projects with more creativity, there is still plenty to enjoy about making a creative video for a fun client or product, and there is just as much, if not more opportunity to learn and expand my skills in the process.

Why can’t a filmmaker present two sides to the same coin? Why can’t I show off my skills in more than one area without showing a lack of focus or understanding of the marketing that I have supposedly embraced? The truth is, I don’t have the answer, but this whole site and business is an experiment in protest. I believe my clients are intelligent enough to focus in on the services they need while seeing strength and experience in the materials that don’t necessarily impact them.

To make sure I’m not diluting my marketing and missing both of my audiences, I admit that I am reaching out to businesses with commercial video FIRST, and I named my company in an effort to attract as many of these types of clients as possible. Why? Because I believe that these smaller coporate clients need video the most and represent a largely untapped source of revenue in my industry. Video marketing is growing faster than ANY other online advertising format and will continue to do so year after year.

Creative, comical sketches for a commercial brand.

That means ANY business doing any online marketing should have a video as soon as they have a website and are open for business. Otherwise, they’re missing out on huge opportunities to directly and more effectively communicate with their audience.

At the same time, the video production I do here at Film Vancouver Production Services will be available and helpful to musicians, short film creators, producers, marketing agencies and everyone looking to make something cinematic and effective. The skills my team has making PSA and corporate videos tightens our communication and storytelling chops and makes us more efficient and more effective to creatives that want to expand their audience using video.

Internally, we hope to build a successful and steadily expanding commercial video firm that is reliable and self sustaining. The resources and experience will make us stronger creative filmmakers, which will help to grow the scale of our productions and lead to bigger and better things. In the end, no matter whether the story is aimed at a commercial product or service, or a creative idea or theme, it remains a story, and the process is the same.

My personal philosophy is that the two mediums, while catering to different audiences, benefit each other immeasurably and are at the centre of what makes us unique.