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Video for business is only as strong as your need for it. Not every business needs a video, but increasingly it is becoming a good idea, and more cost effective that you might think. To determine if video is right for you, you must ask, what do you get out of it? As affordable as corporate video has become, it still costs more than running a print ad, and takes longer to produce. What purpose will video serve, how will it improve your message and help your business? How much MORE effective is it compared to a print ad in the newspaper or online banner ad on Yellow Pages? This page provides some useful information to help you determine the answers. Don’t forget to book a FREE consultation to learn exactly how video can be customized to suit your business even better.

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No matter how big your online presence, how good your business video or how interesting your product, without the right marketing strategy very few people will ever notice. There is too much competition from too many businesses. To filter out all that noise, and stand above the competition, you need online optimization and a strong marketing strategy.

Film Vancouver builds marketing into almost every video package because it is essential to successfully connecting with an audience. The strategy for video is different depending on your industry, who you’re trying to connect with and how large your marketing budget is. With video you can engage in personal and small campaigns or large, far reaching ones. What works for you won’t necessarily work for someone else, which is why we tailor the marketing to you.

As a video production company with a marketing background, we prioritize marketing over many other video companies, and we care as much about the visibility of your video as the quality of it. Your video needs to be visible on Google, Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms, including your own website. It also has potential to advertise for you in the real world or on third party streaming services.

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Do The Math To Determine If Video Makes Sense

You can determine with near statistical certainty what the results of video will be, before you spend a dime. It’s easy, all you need is some basic marketing information from your website and business records.

Specifically, you need to know two things. First, what is your end goal for video? For most of our clients, the answer is converting new customers. Your end goal could also be educational, or brand recognition. Second, you need to have an understanding of how you are reaching customers now. If you have a website with Google Analytics, you probably know the answer already.

Consider the following estimate, using a fictitious Dentist Office as the client…

  • ABC Dentistry receives 1000 website visits monthly on average.
  • ABC Dentistry receives 50 new customers monthly on average.
  • Approximately 20 customers come from walk-ins.
  • Approximately 10 customers come from referrals or word of mouth.
  • Approximately 20 customers come from website traffic.
  • An Average Customer is worth $5000.00 over 2 years for general services.

Our Equation

Using the above information about ABC Dentistry with industry stats, we can determine how much video is worth to a client and how effective it is. A video package that includes a base marketing included costs ABC Dentistry $5000.00 for 5 videos, optimization and support.

  • 5% of video ad viewers visit the company’s website, higher than other ad formats.
  • Over 2 years, videos net 900 NEW Website clicks based on current Pay Per Click (PPC).
  • For ABC Dentist, 50 Website Visits Result in 1 new customer booking.
  • Therefor, ABC Dentistry spent $5000.00 and attracted 19 new clients with video.

$5000 in marketing spend nets ABC Dentistry over $90,000.00 in revenue, with very little risk. The numbers look great, and the likelihood of success is very high, because ABC Dentistry had a great website and was able to successfully convert 1 in 50 website visitors.

Extra Value From Video

The series of videos also increases visibility for ABC Dentistry on Google and are featured in that clinic’s reception area to walk-in patients. Video Testimonials captured during production also improve referrals and the clinic’s reputation as a service leader. Later on, video may be used in other ads in nearby restaurant television systems, at a local movie theatre or even on television.

The Final Result

Five unique videos cost $5000 total, split over 2 x $2500 payments. The videos produce 5000 unique impressions, 1500 full views and over 900 website clicks, resulting in the $90,000 or more in new business over 2 years during the initial campaign. Over the lifetime of the video, every additional click could result in a potentially rewarding new customer. Account for SEO improvements and reputation/brand improvements over time, which are harder to measure, and the number is higher still. With educational videos targeting orthodontic procedures, the number goes up again. Simply put, the campaign is successful, even if it only works a fraction as well as we’ve described. With additional marketing spend, the sky is the limit.

In this case, ABC Dentistry earns about $90,000.00 in revenue over 2 years with video marketing from new patients. They also improved their reputation in the community thanks to educational videos and video testimonials that build trust with new patients. Video works by converting web traffic into high value website visitors. All results are fully trackable and easy to follow. No other digital ad format provides the reliability, versatility and power of video.

The math makes sense for ABC Dentistry. Does it make sense for you?

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